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Store Planning: Retail Design & Fixtures

Designing store interiors and fixture layouts demands experience and expertise. Completed properly, the results are large sales increases and more comfortable working conditions. Done improperly, the results can be disastrous.

We eliminate the risks!

We provide total store development from the initial drawings to the final installation.

We will arrange your store so that the customer pulling departments are located in spots that control traffic and increase impulse buying.

This is what Store Planning Associates does better than anyone else.

Sales increases are accomplished every time by realizing that impulse purchases account for 40-60% of all sales. Designing store interiors for “four corner penetration” leads customers from purchase to purchase, instead of buying the one or two items they intended to buy. This means that almost every individual that enters your place of business will examine more merchandise than ever before. You can get more stock in sight and in reach with no added floor space.

Anyone can sell a fixture. We are experts in store planning and merchandising.

Contact us today so we may help you with your next store planning and fixturing project.

Store Planning Services
• New Store Design
• Existing Store Remodel
• On-Site Consultation
• Survey Existing Store
• Complete Floor Plans    w/Elevations, CAD &    Isometric Drawings
• Electrical & Lighting Plans
• Decor & Signage Layouts
• Merchandising Layouts
• Color & Sample Boards

Watch the transformation from conceptual drawings
to the actual store.

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