Out of over 1500 projects completed, we’ve selected to showcase our most recent work and examples that best display our experience and capabilities.


“I have been extremely pleased with the services I’ve received from Store Planning. One word: Beautiful! Exceptional! Professional! Oh wait…That’s more than one word! couldn’t be happier with the finished product. You truly get great service and products from them. Everyone who comes in admires my pharmacy (from contractors to vendors to neighbors to patients!) I love my pharmacy! They more than delivered. THANK YOU! Store Planning Services. I look forward to our next venture!”

Dr Alabi
Pace Wellness Pharmacy


“It didn’t take long before the sales in our newly enhanced sporting goods section exploded. It was growing beyond its confines and we needed to expand again.  When the space next door became available, we jumped at the chance.  SPS came in again and showed us how to utilize our equipment along with some new to create a separate store that blended and flowed together with the existing, yet could easily be separated should we decide to sell off that store in the future. By moving out the sporting goods, we were able to expand my wife’s jewelry & gift departments and add a repurposed goods department. They hit it out of the park again and are two for two!”

William Steverson
King Discount Drugs & Sporting Goods


“Our long time customer base was dying off and their children & grandchildren were not coming back to our tired, old store – the last remodel was over 35 years ago… We couldn’t believe the change to our pharmacy! Several customers walked in, then walked back out to look at our sign, before coming back in. Some asked “how did you make the store bigger?” Not only is our pharmacy a more efficient and pleasant place to work and spend our days, but there has been a dramatic increase in our front end sales with both new and existing customers. We now have a store we can be proud of and are retaining and gaining the next generation of customers. Store Planning Services changed our lives!”

Peter & Sonal
Cleveland Heights Pharmacy


“Simply Speakers offers repair services and replacement parts for loudspeakers. We were in need of a complete revamp of our repair lab, showroom and storage areas. We did some online research and found a couple of companies that deal in Lozier shelving systems. We contacted the folks at Store Planning Services for assistance. They offered a design layout and planning service that was second to none! Bret came to our store and measured everything and offered several layout options. We needed special brackets and end panels and table tops to be used for our service bench and showroom areas and they came up with a unique solution that really works well for our business. Very pleased! We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing expert sales and installation of store fixtures and related accessories.”

Sean Ryan
Simply Speakers


“I’ve been working with Store Planning since 2009. Bret is very knowledgeable and always has good ideas for cost savings and overall how to get best result.”

Greg Twarowski
American Super Pawn & Jewelry


“Our front checkout counter was not working efficiently and was constantly creating a bottleneck.  SPS created a new “bull pen” checkout that easily handles our busy times and promotes optimal circulation in our small health food store.  It’s really made a difference in our sales and efficiency.”

Dave Graber
Bulk & Natural


“I hired SPS to do the work when I first opened my pharmacy years ago. Most recently, I moved to a much larger space a few doors down from my existing location. SPS was able to handle the move seamlessly.  They used my existing equipment that was still in good condition and supplemented new fixturing in the areas where needed. Their service and personal attention during my move eliminated a lot of headaches for me.”

Tom Rebhandle
Center City Drugs