I recently took over an older established store that was in desperate need of being updated.  SPS gave my store a fresh new look and they were able to complete the remodel very quickly & efficiently.  They also were flexible with their working hours so I didn’t have to close my store while the work was being done.

Aneesh Lakhani
Garden Drugs

When I first opened my store, I thought I would save some money by doing the job myself.  Years later, when I wanted to move my store to a better location, I hired SPS.  I never realized the financial benefits that could be derived by having it done professionally.  I highly recommend SPS.  Their installation crew was helpful and fast, and I am very pleased with the end result.

Sam Fawaz
Quick Script Pharmacy

SPS has designed and fixture our two stores, as well as recently completing a remodel and expansion of one of them.  Their designs are clean, modern and have helped us stay very competitive in our local market.

Callie Smith
Heaven Sent & As You Like It Pharmacy

The lease payments on my remodel are half of what my new car payments are, and the modernization of my drug store has increased my profits more than enough to make both and have some left.

Name Withheld On Request

They said I didn’t have to close and that “People are curious, you will do more business during the remodel”.  They were right.  We had three of our busiest days while the upgrade was under way.

Stu Frankle
Opa Locka Pharmacy

To be honest, I can’t read a plan… I really didn’t know what I was getting.  I was solely going by their reputation and recommendations from friends on the other islands.  I liked the feel I got from talking with them and them being a family business.  When the job was completed, I was stunned! If 10 is the best, I would rate them a 12!

Romeo Parris
Parris Pharmacy

They provided us with a “remodeling checklist and a timetable of events”.   This helped our entire staff get involved and prepare for what to do and when.  Everything went according to plan.  It was the easiest change-over I’ve ever done.

Joe & Ivey
Lakeland Drug Company

I’ve never personally met anyone from SPS.  All of our business has been done over the phone, fax, or email.  I had some ideas of what I wanted and they put them on paper and gave me specifics.  I ordered it, it came in when they said it would, and we put it up.  When we expanded we did the same thing again.  Very satisfied with their service and will use again.

Micheal Raburn
Micheal's Pharmacy

At first we were a little skeptical – we being in Vermont and they being in Florida.  They met our deadline with no surprises or headaches.  They went out of their way to ensure everything went smoothly.  Great results.

Jim Heal
Messenger Valley

They are a family business, just like us, so they are easy to work with, not like other tradesman.

When the bigger space at the end of our plaza became available, we weren’t sure of how to proceed. SPS came and listened to what we wanted & surveyed our store. We then all talked about what departments to increase, which ones to add and which ones to eliminate. They came back with a layout that addressed every concern, even including how to add a drive thru in the future. The 3D drawings helped everyone understand what it would look like and how things would work. They simplified the process and made the transition fun. Our move/expansion and improvements were well received in the community and our sales increased in every department. We added the drive thru shortly after the move.

It didn’t take long before the sales in our newly enhanced sporting goods section exploded. It was growing beyond its confines and we needed to expand again.  When the space next door became available, we jumped at the chance. SPS came in again and showed us how to utilize our equipment along with some new to create a separate store that blended and flowed together with the existing, yet could easily be separated should we decide to sell off that store in the future.

By moving out the sporting goods, we were able to expand my wife’s jewelry & gift departments and add a repurposed goods department. They hit it out of the park again and are two for two!

William Steverson
King Discount Drugs & Sporting Goods

I have known and used Store Planning for over 22 years and we’ve done 4 projects together.  Creating  stores on small islands requires lots of planning and coordination to pull off successfully.  They have the experience and my trust to take care of all my design and store equipment needs.  Wouldn’t think of using anyone else.

Jean Vanterpool

I was glad and relieved to find Store Planning Services.  They worked directly with me, solving – with ease – every problem that arose throughout the design and construction process.  They exceeded my expectations in bringing my vision to life.  Great service, great value!

Mark Haywood
Optimum Wellness

We were very pleased with SPS’s ideas and expertise.  Their design and the finished store is one that we are happy to work in and they fulfilled everything we needed.

Center City Pharmacy

Over the years we had done some “home-made” remodeling.  I contacted Store Planning and they did a “professional job.”  Soon after, a large chain came in and “made me an offer I couldn’t refuse!” Thank you Store Planning!

Ralph Oliver
Oliver Drug

SPS has designed, fixtured and installed numerous projects throughout the years.  They handle a wide variety of fixtures and equipment and their installation crews are fast, efficient, and very experienced.

Andrew Hussey
Liguanea Lane & Discount Pharmacies

We have used Store Planning Services for both remodels and location moves for our two traditional independent pharmacies.  When we wanted to make a big expansion of our compounding lab, we counted on them to help.  They worked within the confines of our space and created cutting edge labs that are ready for the new USP regulations.  We were PCAB certified on the first try!

Emad Yousef
Trinity Pharmacy

My sales increased 45%.  Now my son, who was working for a chain, is working with me!

Jim Edwards
Edward Pharmacy

We have been doing business with SPS for over 20 years and they have completed 5 project for us, plus remodeling & updating throughout the years.  With our stores being  in the Bahamas, it is difficult to get equipment locally.  SPS has been our go to source for obtaining all of our various fixture and equipment needs.

David Charlton
Prescription Parlour

I have been extremely pleased with the services I’ve received from Store Planning. One word: Beautiful! Exceptional! Professional! Oh wait…That’s more than one word! I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. You truly get great service and products from them. Everyone who comes in admires my pharmacy (from contractors to vendors to neighbors to patients!) I love my pharmacy! They more than delivered. THANK YOU! Store Planning Services. I look forward to our next venture!

Dr Alabi
Pace Wellness Pharmacy

Store Planning did a complete remodel for us.  In fact, they did such a good job that our landlord raised our rent!  They then moved us to our new and better location.  Both projects were handled professionally and I am very satisfied with their prices and service.

Dan Fucarino
Carrollwood Pharmacy

I’ve been working with SPS for over 30 years now.  Four stores later, expansions and modifications-no one is better to work with than the team at Store Planning Services.

Steve Pressman
Pill Box Pharmacies

Store Planning Services changed our lives!

Our long time customer base was dying off and their children & grandchildren were not coming back to our tired, old store – the last remodel was over 35 years ago… We searched online and found Store Planning Services.  We were pleasantly reassured by our wholesaler, pharmacy friends, and the many references they provided that SPS was the real deal.  They came and showed us fresh and bold ideas we never considered on how to transform our store.  They thoroughly explained the process of what to expect during the remodel, and worked hand in hand with our local tradesman.  We kept open through it all, including a new floor.  We couldn’t believe the change to our pharmacy!  Several customers walked in, then walked back out to look at our sign, before coming back in.  Some asked “how did you make the store bigger?” Our customers, workers and even our attitudes have improved so much.  Not only is our pharmacy a more efficient and pleasant place to work and spend our days, but there has been a dramatic  increase in our front end sales with both new and existing customers.  We now have a store we can be proud of and are retaining and gaining the next generation of customers.

Peter & Sonal
Cleveland Heights Pharmacy

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