It’s a new year and many patients have new health insurance plans…Now is the time to promote your pharmacy!

Ways to Increase and Maintain Your Script Count:

Physician Referrals –

A list of local physicians can be found in various community directories and publications, marketing lists, and/or from the internet.

Welcome new physicians to the community.  Take the opportunity to meet and introduce your pharmacy to see how you can help them achieve their goals.  Provide a place in your pharmacy to advertise cards & fliers– (waiting area)

Build a relationship with their staff.  Find out where they like to eat or snack.  Periodically provide lunch, snacks, and/or coffee with your logo on mugs, sports bottles, pens, notepads, etc.
Send handwritten notes, flowers, or tasty snacks on the appropriate Healthcare Observances days.  (i.e.: IV Nurse Day, Doctors Day, Blood Donor Day)
Stop by on a regular basis to maintain the relationship.  There may be new staff.  Provide coupons, $5.00 gift cards- (coffee, smoothies, snacks, Etc.), samples of new products, and promote new services.
If you don’t have the desire or time, delegate this task to your more personable and friendly employees to promote your business.  They might enjoy getting out and helping your pharmacy!

Patient Referrals –

Improve your customer service!  Make sure employees greet customers as they come in and offer their assistance
Nurture relationships with your loyal patients.  Take note of their buying habits so that you can suggest complementary products or otc’s that might work better for them.
Ask if there are any unique items that your patients would like you to carry.  Source these out and stock them!
Build a loyalty program with referral incentives for their family and friends.
Reward referrals with gift cards, coupons, or discounts on retail items.
Offer specials targeting loyal customers only.
Encourage your customers to submit online reviews on sites such as Google+ and Yelp.

Prescription Transfers –

Chain stores have done the demographic studies that warrant their location, but they can’t provide the personal services you can.  Use this to your advantage.
Devise smart ways to troll customers away from the chains.
Have a “Health Fair” with product sales reps available to advise patients on the best products for them, such as supplements, diabetic care, weight management.
Get involved in the community.  Provide free offers, trials, & coupons at community events such as 5K races, farmer’s markets, and other weekend family events.

Set your pharmacy apart from the competition –

Develop and offer a specialty or service, such as nutrition and wellness, sports medicine, or compounding.  Get your employees involved by assigning them each a specialty that they need to be well versed in and keep up with the latest and greatest products.
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